Featured Product: Jade Bistro Range

By drc2023

Jade’s Bistro Ranges are rooted in a strong commercial heritage, with robust designs that are hand-crafted to deliver unparalleled performance. With available choices such as open tops, griddles, woks, refrigeration bases, and chitwood charbroilers, the Jade® Bistro Range truly allows you to customize your high-end show kitchen – without the high-end cost.


All Bistro Ranges come standard with steel grates covered by a lifetime warranty, two 5-inch 30,000-BTU high-performance burners, and SS pilot- tip. The cast iron burners are designed with tight burner ports and heat patterns that optimize efficiency and control and are removable for easy cleaning and maintenance.


Each Bistro Range wok is comprised of handcrafted welded construction.

The 100-BTU burner system and exclusive 12-gauge 304 stainless tubes allow our works to diversify your cuisine while requiring minimal space. Standard features include a back waterfall fill faucet and a stainless steel back guard.


Each Jade® Bistro Range is hand-crafted for performance and durability. The welded frame, polished stainless surfaces, stainless oven cavity, and heavy-duty oven door (capable of supporting a 300 lb. load) ensure years of worry-free service, and each Bistro Range is backed by a solid warranty.

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