Manufacturer Spotlight: CookTek

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At DRC Marketing Group, we take great pride in representing the finest manufacturers in the foodservice industry. CookTek® is the leading innovator in induction warming, cooking, and heated delivery systems for commercial kitchens and restaurants.

CookTek offers a range of high quality products that create a clear advantage in the commercial kitchen including:

Induction Cooking

True chefs count on CookTek® commercial induction cooktops to deliver the precision and consistency they need for quality results. CookTek® portable countertop cooktops heat food evenly, quickly, and efficiently, with easy-to-clean surfaces and energy efficient technology. 

Induction Warming/Holding

CookTek® induction warming and holding equipment keeps food at the right temperature while improving your presentation and overall quality. Because of its innovative design and advanced heating technology, CookTek® induction warming and holding equipment delivers consistent results.

Induction Delivery

CookTek® heated delivery systems use induction technology to retain flavor and warmth. These systems provide convenience, innovation, and lead to customer satisfaction.

Induction Efficient Cookware

No other tri-ply pan on the market can capture the amount of energy produced by induction and deliver that energy to your culinary creations like CookTek® tri-ply cookware.

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