The Freestanding Ventless Convection Oven From Blodgett

By drc2023

Ventless cooking by Blodgett saves money via lower installation, maintenance, and energy costs. The technology provides lower energy costs and improved carbon neutrality that an increasing number of diners are looking for when choosing places to patronize.

With Ventless cooking, you also have the flexibility to set up food service where you need it, instead of having it dictated by the location of that massive hood. This is especially important in today’s modern commercial kitchens which are frequently crowded with equipment.

With Blodgett’s new freestanding ventless convection oven, you can cook wherever you want. If you want to set up an operation in a former gift shop with a low selling price and great foot traffic. You’ll no longer need to look for an expensive, pre-existing food service space. You won’t even need enough space to install an expensive hood system when you choose Blodgett’s freestanding ventless convection ovens. They let you set up a food service operation in places where it would have previously been impossible or at least prohibitively expensive.

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