Manufacturer Spotlight: Jade

At DRC Marketing Group, we take great pride in representing the finest manufacturers in the foodservice industry. Jade Range is committed to providing the best in quality cooking equipment. The company creates durable, efficient, sustainable cooktops and ranges with an unbeatable two-year parts and labor warranty.

With Jade products, you get:

Quality Materials Inside and Out: Pilots are always going out in ranges. Typically, a range’s pilot tubes are made of brass or aluminized steel – weaker metals which, again, are susceptible to potent cleaners. But Jade Range pilot tubes and tips are stainless steel. Its burners are constructed with a lift-off burner head with a single piece of venturi (the long thin piece that plugs into the valve), making it easy to clean without losing efficiency over time.

All-Welded Construction: In addition to using heavier gauge materials, Jade ranges withstand the test of time because of their all-welded frame. The metal in all commercial ranges continually expands and contracts with the heating and cooling down of the equipment. The nuts and bolts that hold most range frames together are especially susceptible to heat and contraction.

Customized Kitchen Equipment to Suit Every Chef’s Style: Beyond commercial ranges, Jade Range offers a complete line of heavy-duty cooking systems to meet virtually every foodservice need. You can create just about any configuration of open-burner ranges, with griddle tops, broilers, fryers, and refrigerated bases. Jade also manufactures gas counter equipment including griddles, broilers, salamanders, cheese melters, and hot plates.

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