Ways to Save Space with DRC Products

The value of real estate in a restaurant or commercial kitchen is extremely high. In the foodservice industry, it seems like there is NEVER enough room. Therefore, making the most of space available should always top the priority. The following are some space-saving tips from DRC Marketing Group.

1. Get an Under Counter Ice Maker: An under counter ice maker can provide the same level of daily production as larger head and bin combination units. They’re also available in models that are perfect for low-volume places, providing from a couple dozen pounds of ice per day or more.

2. Try the Combi Oven: These units offer the even heating of a convection oven with the incredible cooking power of a steamer in a single box. They’re available in single-deck and double-deck models that pair two in a stack. You can also purchase a combi oven in a countertop model that provides all that cooking power without taking up precious floor space in your kitchen.

3. Get Your Equipment off the Floor: This can be one of the easiest ways to maximize space in a compact commercial kitchen. From combi ovens to fryers to hot plates, units that can fit on your countertop move crucial pieces off the floor, freeing space for pieces like a dual-temperature refrigerator that can’t be so compact.

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