DRC’s “Demo-Direct” is On the Road

At DRC Marketing Group, we understand that the best way to show off amazing commercial kitchen equipment and accessories is through demonstration. There’s nothing like “kicking the tires” on some of the best food service products available.

The DRC Mobile Test Kitchen travels the area we serve to bring a demo direct to your doorstep. The vehicle is equipped with the latest kitchen service solutions direct from our manufacturers to meet your wants, requirements, and budgets. DRC Chef Matt Burns will show you the products in action — demonstrating how they will greatly enhance your food service business.

Plus — we constantly update the DRC Mobile Test Kitchen with the latest products, to make you aware of the latest innovations.

To arrange your “Demo-Direct” visit, call 877.372.5866 or go to our website reservation page: www.drcmktg.com/mtc/

DRC Marketing Group, Inc. is owned and operated by the predominant experts in the food industry equipment field. At DRC, we represent some of the finest foodservice manufacturers in the industry. We pride ourselves in the manufacturers we represent and provide skillful support to our partners and dealer network. For more information, visit www.drcmktg.com or call us at (877) 372-5866.