Cooler Concepts’ Top Reasons Why Steel Shelving Is Better Than Aluminum

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The experts at Cooler Concepts know, when it comes to the shelving for a walk-in cooler, having cheap aluminum shelving can cost a beverage business on many different levels. 

Here’s why having steel shelving constructed by Cooler Concepts helps your staff and your bottom line.


The team at Cooler Concepts are safety enthusiasts, and our shelving designs are among the most sturdy and durable. Over time, the aluminum shelving will wear down and fail (break apart). It is just the nature of their design and material composition. We routinely replace these types of units after 4 -5 years of regular use. 

Durability and Savings

Steel shelving from Cooler Concepts is built to last. In our 27 years of business, we’ve never had a warranty claim. This helps prevent downtime for your business and, over time, costs you less than if you had initially purchased aluminum shelving.

Trust the pros at Cooler Concepts, where we navigate every beer cooler and its set of challenges.

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