Featured Product: Anets SilverLINE Fryer

DRC Marketing Group proudly offers full line of Globe

DRC Marketing Group proudly offers Anets products including the Anets SLG100 Natural Gas SilverLINE Fryer. Providing the best value in frying, the Anets SLG100 SilverLine natural gas fryer keeps up with load after load of production. Designed for lower volume production, this fryer is a great choice for small restaurants, cafes, and even concessions! With its dual baskets and 70-100 lb. oil capacity, this fryer is great for frying portions of shrimp, sweet potato fries, and mozzarella sticks, or for cooking batches of french fries or onion rings.

Some features include:

An Integrated Heating System

The integrated heating system, which uses four burner tubes equipped with computer designed radiants to reach 150,000 BTUs per hour, has been engineered for maximum efficiency and easy cleaning. The unique, tapered elliptical tubes provide 14% more heat transfer area than competitive models, and allow easy access to all areas of the fry pot.

Dual Baskets with Basket Hanger

This fryer comes with two baskets that are great for frying smaller amounts of food at a time. It has a basket hanger that provides a place where your staff can place baskets to allow any excess oil to drip back into the tank. It’s also a good place to store baskets between batches. Plus, this stainless steel basket hanger lifts off for effortless cleaning and access to the backsplash.

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