5 Ways DRC Products Improve Kitchen Efficiency

DRC Marketing Group proudly offers the line of products by Southbend, a recognized as a global leader in heavy-dut

DRC Marketing Group knows that the right commercial kitchen equipment helps restaurant owners and chefs work as efficiently and profitably. The latest appliances by the most respected manufacturers put these people at a distinct advantage in their food service field.

The professionals at DRC have gathered five ways commercial kitchen equipment can improve restaurant efficiency.

1. SPEED: Commercial kitchens prepare up to hundreds of dishes a day, and the turn rate is critical. For instance, convection ovens have the ability to cook rapidly. These ovens cook large amounts of food and operate faster than a conventional oven.

2. FAST PREP TIME: Prep is a major time-consuming aspect of the commercial kitchen. At DRC, we have a full range of appliances and ovens to meet your specific needs and goals.

3. IMPROVED TASTE AND QUALITY: With commercial kitchen equipment, chefs have much more control over food preparation with precise settings and controls. This highly advanced cooking with the latest products makes the food taste fantastic.

4. COMMERCIAL DISHWASHERS CLEAN FAST AND THROUGHLY: DRC has commercial dishwashers that are designed to quickly clean a number of dishes at one time, including difficult dishes. This quick cleaning keeps tables turning.

5. LET DRC MARKETING SUGGEST A LINE OF PRODUCTS: We can review your needs and suggest a combination of kitchen products that will improve your business.

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